Tribute to Socrates

Dear Mr. Black Sheep,
I am a fellow sheep who has noticed you from afar and would like to extend my gratitude towards you through this short letter. Shearing is a part of our lives that we have come to expect. It has become such routine that we do not consider that something is taken each time we step up to the fellow with the shears. Never before have i felt so heartbroken to see another sheep's wool taken away, though i know it grows back in due time. Being heartbroken from such a distant moment has taken my thoughts to a revelation that can only be described as an epiphany. We need one another. You and I Mr. Black Sheep are visually contrary and do not socialize, but i have grown to realize that without you Mr. Black Sheep, I cannot be. So thank you for being everything that you are.

Mr. White Sheep
© 2008 Jenny White

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